You'll Either Love This E-Bike, or You'll Love It

Monday Motorbikes proves e-bikes can run with the cool kids

By Evan Bleier

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15 August 2017

We can all agree that Mondays suck.

Except this one — this Monday definitely does not suck. 

An electric cycle that’s designed for cruising through urban areas in style, the minimalist Monday Motorbikes M1 is as easy to look at as it is to handle. Free from gears, spark plugs and a clutch, the bike’s lithium-Ion battery system has a 40-mile average range and charges in five hours.

Monday Motorbikes, which recently rebranded (originally called Bolt), is out to prove one thing: that e-bikes can run with the cool kids. And by the looks of it, they're halfway there. Equipped with pedals that can assist or help recharge the battery, the M1 is classified as an electric bicycle so it’s preset for a top speed of 20 MPH in the city and 40 MPH in the country.

M1 Motorbike (6 images)

With a brushless DC motor that only has a single moving part and is rated for 400,000 miles, the bike’s longevity is further aided by a regenerative braking system that saves energy and doesn’t require swapping out brake pads.

Equipped with a handlebar-mounted display that shows real time data on power consumption, the cloud-connected bike can be linked with an external app via Bluetooth and pair with a GPS.

Open for preorder for $4,500, Monday’s M1 should arrive in January of next year.

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