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Make Like a Tree

Baumraum crafts luxe treehouses for adults

  • 02 January 2013

As a man, there’s a simple rule for acting like a child: you may only do so if a) you have a child (and even then, sparingly), or b) it’s football Sunday.

Or c) you’re in this treehouse.

Enter Baumraum, a German company that builds “inspiring dwellings for children and adults” — a.k.a. gorgeous tree abodes, available for custom builds now.

This ain’t no Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

Each of Baumraum’s houses are built from larch wood, oak or Oregon pine.

They’re insulated. They’re wired. And they’re crafted with built-in furniture and modern interiors, i.e., mini-kitchens, media rooms, minibars … really, whatever you want.

To build your fort treehouse, Baumraum checks the stability of your chosen trees (they must be “healthy and robust”), reviews design concepts with you, then crafts the dwelling in their workshop.

Once your ‘house is complete, they ship it out and then mount it via crane.  

And because Germans are a very conscientious people, Baumraum uses cables to stabilize the lofts instead of bolts or nails.

Baumraum also offers for-rent tree lofts, like this two-bedroom tree lodge in Florida.

The treehouses run from $13,000 and up, and take about 3-7 months to construct.

Which you’ll have no trouble waiting for, because you’re not a child.

The Specifics


3-7 months construction time

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