Bulky Keychains Are Out, Smart Key Organizers Are In

Bluetooth too, because of course

By The Editors

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10 August 2017

Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

Not included in that old expression about things a man can’t leave without? Keys and phone.

Rather than fuss with the phrasing, let's consider the KeySmart Pro with Tile, a stainless steel organizer that allows you to easily locate your keys using your smartphone and vice versa.

Implanted with a Tile tracker, the Bluetooth-enabled KeySmart can always be located using an app on your phone that will pull up a detailed GPS map displaying the organizer's location. If you have your keys but are a missing phone, just hit a button to make it ring, even on silent.

Keysmart (3 images)

Besides that, the KeySmart’s pocket-friendly design can hold up to 10 keys at once and the device is also equipped with an LED flashlight, bottle opener and a micro-USB charging port.

Starting at $54 but available for less in bulk orders, the KeySmart Pro should ship this month.

If you're a loser (of stuff), it could be a key purchase.

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