If You’re Going to Dress Up for the Fourth of July, Wear This

Stars and stripes, the handsome way

By Kirk Miller

If You’re Going to Dress Up for the Fourth of July, Wear This
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01 July 2016

Going full patriotic this Fourth of July? Know the rules.

Just kidding, there aren’t any (woo, America!). It’s permissible — if not downright mandatory — to drape yourself in the red, white and blue … as long as those stars and stripes are simply a clothing theme, and not made out of an actual flag.

No less an authority than the American Legion itself condones it:There is NO breach of flag etiquette whatsoever. People are simply expressing their patriotism and love of country by wearing an article of clothing that happens to be red, white, and blue with stars and stripes.”

But that doesn’t mean you have to be tacky about it. Aim for subtle or clever, not garish and bold. As a fashion statement, think more “I like this country,” less “America, F*** Yeah.”

A few of the more dapper, flag-themed items to consider:

The America Collection by Ball and Buck
Yes, the Hunter’s Shirt ('Merica Edition) might take a special kind of guy to pull it off. But that red-and-white striped Oxford bow tie? That’ll work even on non-patriotic holidays.

The Liberties by Chubbies
At first glance, just colorful red and white summer trunks. Get it wet? The solid colors reveal stars and stripes, thanks to “good ol’ invisiprint technology.” Note: Our style editor and Chubbies fan notes that the company’s Fourth of July stuff “sells out every year.”

Ben Tanklin by Tipsy Elves
Makers of our favorite ugly Christmas sweaters, this cheeky company embraces the humor angle. But while that USA jumpsuit should probably be left to the frat set, both the Tanklin top and USA soccer-style polo shirt will look damn good by the pool.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Americana  
They’ll never top their limited-edition retro flag sneaks from 2014, but these low tops emphasize white space and red stripes over stars. Result: a casual summer shoe that just hints at its patriotic zeal.

Sapphire Punteggiata Pocket Square by Sebastian Cruz
A bit of a cheat — this 100% Italian cotton pocket square merely channels the red, white and blue without borrowing the stars and stripes motif. However, the company does suggest a way to use the square in a decidedly Americana outfit: “If you have a white shirt with navy blue details to pair with your white blazer, this look really is a crowd pleaser.”

Rip Curl “Americana” Print Pocket T
No need to make it complicated. An off-white cotton crew neck with a flag-printed patch pocket. Minus points for being an import.

The luxury accessories store featured a great America-themed subscription box during the month of June, including a starry Bedford & Broome Pocket Square and a red-and-white striped Mosaic Menswear Necktie. While both of those were part of a larger package, the pocket square and tie should be available on the store as individual items this month, according to a PR rep.

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