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Into the Grove

Your office space reimagined, via Grovemade

  • 07 July 2014

Your desk should not be a prison.

It should serve as an inspiration. A sanctuary.

Aesthetics are nice, too. Something that doesn’t scream “lacquered IKEA.”

Accomplishing all that, with a dash of ergonomics: Grovemade, taking orders now.

A Portland-based crafter of fine wooden and tech accessories, Grovemade’s brand new Desk Collection is all about improving and edifying your workspace.

The Desk items here are slim, stylish and built from locally sourced walnut and maple wood. They’re also organizational wonders, perfect for the “tidy desk, tidy mind” sorts (like yours truly).

A few standouts:

Plus: pen cups, wood planters and a warm radio-tube desk lamp. All with nice touches, like aluminum reinforcement and cork feet to prevent sliding/scratches.

Almost worth coming into the office.

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