All 150,966 'Game of Thrones' Deaths, in 21 Minutes

Spoiler. Alert.

By Kirk Miller

Game of Thrones
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16 June 2017


YouTuber Leon Andrew Razon recently uploaded a video that compiled every on-screen death in Game of Thrones — all 150,966 of ‘em. The video takes 21 minutes to watch, but it does, helpfully, identify each unlucky victim. Including, yes, Jon Snow. The supercut also counts animals (deer, direwolves, horses, etc.) so that number might seem a bit inflated, but still ... If you’re looking for the biggest mass murder, skip ahead to 13:29 for the demise of 100,000 Free Folk at Hardhome.

More death and gloom beckons as Game of Thrones season 7 starts July 16 on HBO. And for something more uplifting in the GoT realm, watch this.

(H/t Shortlist)

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