Crosley's Vinyl Jukebox Is Nostalgia Overload and We Dig It

Hope you kept your 45s

By Michael Nolledo

Crosley's Vinyl Jukebox Is Nostalgia Overload and We Dig It
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22 August 2017

I love coming home from a long day’s work, cracking open a beer and putting a record on. However, I’ve apparently been missing one crucial thing about the experience: the vinyl jukebox.

Record player maker Crosley — best known for its budget-friendly carry-case turntables — is going all in with a completely retro-fied vinyl jukebox player. The company claims its Vinyl Rocket jukebox is the only wax-playing music box being manufactured in the world.

Which is cool, especially if you’re into vinyl (or if you know someone much more youthful who is). The move to build the first production vinyl jukebox in 25 years is an obvious play to capitalize on the Millennial vinyl resurgence.

With the Vinyl Rocket you’ve got a classic 1950s-style jukebox with more chrome than a ‘53 Cadillac Eldorado. The player’s clear glass allows you to see your records rotate and change, while the sound comes from a digital amp that uses two independent stereo channel outputs.

And to be clear: this thing plays 7-inch singles (versus the ubiquitous 12-inch LP) It can hold 70 records, making it able to play 140 songs altogether. So better think about building up your 45 collection.

Otherwise, you’ll also have Bluetooth capabilities to tap into the jukebox. Because, y’know, get with the times, man.

All this makes for a really novel player that’ll appease all kinds of listeners. Listeners who can fork over $12,995, anyway. Hey, no one said nostalgia was cheap.

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