Costco Will Sell You a Year's Supply of Non-Perishables for $1,000

Apocalypse dining for $3 a day? Now that's a bargain.

By Evan Bleier

Costco Will Sell You a Year's Supply of Non-Perishables for $1,000
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03 October 2017

The good news about surviving the apocalypse is that, well, you survived the damn apocalypse.

The bad news is, unless you happen to have locked up a spot in Vivox xPoint or somewhere similar, surviving in the post-apocalyptic world will require eating canned goods, and lots of ‘em.

They can’t do much about the taste, but to at least make the process of amassing a stockpile of canned food as easy as possible, Costco has created the Nutristore 1 Year Emergency Food Kit.

Filled with 6,200 servings spread throughout 96 gallon-sized cans, the Nutristore Kit is stocked with ready-to-eat foods like wheat, white rice, granola, and freeze-dried and dehydrated items like apples, peaches, potatoes, corn, lentils, beef, chicken, sugar, salt and instant milk.

Capable of sustaining an adult on a diet of up to 1,200 calories per day for a year, the 19 products in the kit have a 25-year shelf life. (A similar family-of-four-size kit is also available.)

"The idea came about making a great starter kit for a family who wanted to prepare for any kind of disaster,” a Costco rep told the Detroit Free Press.  “This is a great value with shipping included."

You can draw your own conclusions about how great a value the kits actually are after you’ve eaten canned food for 52 weeks, but the individual one is $1,000 while the family one is $4,000.

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