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Cody Jepson: Perfectly handcrafted leather satchels

  • 08 January 2014

Every dude needs a leather bag.

Something that looks good, but not something he’s gotta pussyfoot around. Not something he’s gotta worry about getting stained.

These are those bags: durable leather satchels by Cody Jepson, now taking orders.

A young turk in the handbag game, Jepson makes bags from leather that’s either been veg-tanned (very durable) or Chromexcel’d (durable, stretchy and not prone to shine).

No elastics or non-organics used. A heat-branded logo that won’t fade.

The Harley

Pay particular attention to the Harley. It’s a veg-tanned and polished satchel with a front smartphone pocket, a hidden interior slot for tablets and a look, says the artist, that’s “as home free-wheeling on your old bicycle as it is turning up to a meeting.”

Jepson also has a trio of cut corner wallets, a key lanyard and a leather belt sourced from the last oak bark tannery in England.

Jepson’s pieces are limited, and orders now will be shipped in June.

But you also have to order by January 16th.

So every dude needs to hurry up.

The Specifics

Cody Jepson


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