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Best of August

Futuristic trikes. Sexy mags. Knives. Let’s review.

  • 29 August 2014

WorkermanThe Knife Every Man Should Have
Workerman knives are that beautiful combo of good-looking woods (maple, walnut, olive, etc.) and hand-forged steel. Caveat: They’re so nice, they often sell out in minutes. Check it out.

PolarisThe "Oh Hell Yes!" of Motorcycles
Designed by powersports vets Polaris, the futuristic, three-wheeled Slingshot is a space-age roadster and the first of its kind: a road-ready super trike for adults.
Check it out.

OdiseoSpy Novels and Naked Women
Two things to read this month: The Kills, a Pynchon-esque journey through the war-torn Middle East. Or skip the spy stuff and get volume four of Odiseo, the thinking man’s erotic art mag. Check it out.

Spring appWarning: This Is Going to Be Addictive
Spring is a one-swipe shopping app. It’s basically an Instagram feed of stuff you want — e.g., goods from Warby Parker, Everlane, Harry’s, Todd Snyder and more than 100 other high-end makers. Check it out.

NavdyYour Car Is Now “Knight Rider”
Meet Navdy, a super-intelligent head-up display for your car windshield. The five-inch projector beams out an interactive screen for your car window, but never lets your eyes leave the road. Check it out.

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