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Best of 2013

Your favorite articles from 2013. Let's review.

  • 23 December 2013

Boudoir BibleJanuary: The Boudoir Bible 
This beautifully illustrated tome  — scribbles are by a Prada artist, words by a Paris-based "sexual anthropologist" — reveals sexual suggestions, histories and treatises.
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Must I Observe Valentine's dayFebruary: Observing Valentine’s Day
We asked you about sex and dating. You responded; we made some infographics. Plus, our farm-to-table decision tree, asking you if V-Day is really worth it.
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Outstanding in the FieldMarch: Outstanding in the Field
A dinner party coming to an unexpected location near you. Each OITF dinner is sourced entirely from the land where the dinner is held, be it farm, ranch or vineyard. As for the chefs: always local.
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GreatistApril: Greatist
Founded by a Harvard grad sick of being husky, Greatist provides easy-to-use training guides and apps for the everyman. Best part: the guides are mostly infographics.
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GrillingMay: The Guide to Summer Grilling
Charcoal? Gas? Wood? Why not all three? The Kalamazoo grill works with any fuel combo and blasts out 25,000 BTUs of gas power per burner. Comes with laser-cut stainless steel grates.
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BoatboundJune: Boatbound
Think of Boatbound as a nautical Airbnb: essentially, you’re renting yachts, sailboats and powerboats all over the country that are, like nautical Al Bundys, just sitting there.
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BunkieJuly: Bunkie
Your new (and literal) home-away-from-home: the Bunkie is a pre-fab dwelling designed to combat “overflow living.” It’s essentially a second home. Or an office. Or just a really nice gazebo.
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SpareOneAugust: SpareOne Plus
This is the phone for your bug-out bag: the SO Plus runs on a single AA battery, holds a charge for 15 years, pinpoints your location and sends out distress alerts.
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Martin JetpackSeptember: Martin Jetpacks
About seven feet high and wide and weighing 400 pounds, the two-engine P12 is considered the world's first “practical” jetpack. As in, it's real. Also: expensive.
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SkiftOctober: Skift
Think of Skift as the Moneyball of travel: a team of analysts pores through travel data to offer daily trend analysis and travel suggestions. It’s the de facto bible of the travel industry.
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CoinNovember: Coin
Forget the Costanza-sized wallet. Coin is a universal credit card that aggregates your credit, debit, gift and membership cards into one credit-card sized device.
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Underwater RoomDecember: Underwater Room
An underwater hotel room in a luxury resort, off the shores of Zanzibar, with 360-degree views of the ocean’s most colorful sealife, all from the comfort of your bed.
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