Own a Touchscreen Laptop ... Without Buying a New One

A nifty new dongle can make your PC screen interactive

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Own a Touchscreen Laptop ... Without Buying a New One
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18 May 2016

The biggest drawback to investing in modern technology?

The rate of obsolescence. Buyer’s remorse is a very real and frequent phenomenon in the digital age (“Behold: the new and improved version of the thing you bought full price last week!”).

If only tech companies spent less time on new things, and more time on helping you upgrade your old things.

One new gadget that’s bucking the trend: AirBar, a slim device that casts a beam of interactive light across your laptop’s screen, allowing you to pinch, poke and swipe in the same manner that you would the touchscreen on your phone.

The plug-and-play bar magnetically latches onto the underside of your computer and connects via USB. The creators — a optical sensory tech firm called Neonode who have previously worked on wearables that can turn a user’s skin into a touchpad — say no additional drivers need to be installed, and the bar’s Neonode Zero Force Air system can “enable touch, advanced gesture and object recognition on any surface or in mid-air.”

AirBar Sensor 0:40

While the device is currently only configured to work with PCs and Chromebooks equipped with Windows 8 (and up) and 11.6”, 13.3” 14” or 15.6” screens, the potential applications for the tech are exciting.

So’s the $69 preorder price price, the mid-2016 shipping date and the opportunity to buy in right now.

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