Roger Waters flexing
Roger Waters is revisiting his own back catalog.
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A Forthcoming Roger Waters LP Revisits His Back Catalog

"The Lockdown Sessions" is coming to LP and CD

When he hasn’t been making troubling comments about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Roger Waters has been busy with other projects — including a re-recorded version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. (It seems unlikely that he’ll title this Dark Side of the Moon (Roger’s Version), but one can always hope.) But it turns out that that’s not the only storied music he’s found himself revisiting in the current century.

As Far Out reports, Waters is set to release a new album, Lockdown Sessions as an LP and CD, following an earlier digital release. The album will include contemporary recordings of some old songs — both from his time in Pink Floyd and his 1992 solo album Amused to Death. The latter will be represented by “The Bravery of Being Out Of Range,” while also including three songs from The Wall — “Mother,” “Vera” and “Comfortably Numb.”

Rounding out the set are “The Gunner’s Dream” and “Two Suns in the Sunset” from Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut, an album that a friend once accurately described to me as the most depressing album ever made. (To be fair, that’s by design — its themes include Waters’s depression and the wartime death of his father, along with the everpresent threat of nuclear destruction.)

The big question here is whether Waters’s comments on Russia and Ukraine will alienate a significant portion of the potential audience for this project. The physical versions of the album are set for release on June 2; the digital version is out now.

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