Dave Grohl Opens Up About Life, Politics, and the New Foo Fighters Record

Rock frontman also gets emotional about the death of friend Chris Cornell.

September 8, 2017 5:00 am
Dave Grohl Opens Up About Foo Fighters' New Record, Politics
The American rock band Foo Fighters during concert in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus or Herodeon (built in 161 AD) at the foothills of the Athens Acropolis, as part of PBS's world-renowned documentary series 'Landmarks Live In Concert.' On July 10, 2027 (Panayotis Tzamaros/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In just over 20 years time, the Foo Fighters have become one of the biggest rock acts in the world. But they had a decent head start: lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist Dave Grohl played drums for the platinum-selling ’90s grunge gods Nirvana.

Grohl has been one of the more visible and vocal rock stars of the past 10 years—whether he’s doing the keynote speech at SXSW, inducting Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or directing his own rock documentary (see: Sound City)—and Rolling Stone recently caught up with him to talk about his band’s forthcoming album and his rock-star lifestyle.

RealClearLife has teased out some of the best moments from Rolling Stone‘s cover feature below.

-Of Grohl, friend Paul McCartney says, “He’s always high-energy. I mean, I’m an enthusiastic person, and I think he’s possibly doubled.”

-As Rolling Stone incredibly notes, “The baby from the [Nirvana album] Nevermind cover is now four years older than Grohl was when Nevermind came out.”

-Of the Foo Fighters’ winning formula, drummer Taylor Hawkins says, “Without sounding too business-y, I think we deliver something people can count on: big choruses, guitars, and a little bit of screaming.”

-While recording their new album, Concrete and Gold, Grohl put his barbecue smoker outside the studio and cooked for 40 people a night.

-The new album features some off-brand guest appearances by the likes of Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman; and pop star Justin Timberlake, who adds some backing vocals to a single track. Maybe the most on-brand? McCartney, who plays drums on the record (he nailed the recording on the first take, having never even heard the song).

-Though Grohl alludes to the fact that he’s not a Trump supporter, he does say that he doesn’t take sides when playing for an audience. “When the Foo Fighters go out and tour, we play to everyone. I like to think that music is something that can bring two opposite sides of the spectrum into the same arena for three hours of relief. There’s a part of me that thinks I’m better at giving people hope. So that’s where I’d rather be.”

-Grohl’s father, whom his mother divorced, was a Republican speechwriter and campaign manager.

-Of the late Chris Cornell, Grohl tells RS, visibly emotional: “I loved him. He was a really sweet guy. Full of life. And he had so much to offer. That one hurt. Over the years you sort of count your blessings that you survived, and when you see another one go down ….”


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