On the lost art of “summering”
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On the lost art of “summering”

Malibu. Laguna. La Jolla. Santa Ynez. Let’s go.

  • 15 May 2015

Summer (v.): A thing our East Coast counterparts do when the sun finally comes out to play.

As in, We’re summering on Cape Cod this year.

The art of summering has been lost on many Californians, because, well, what are seasons again?

Today, we bring summering back, with this:

The Summer Rental Guide, a collection of some of Southern California’s finest abodes for rent.

These are the spots where you can sneak in some solid R&R while the air is warm and the tourists are descending on L.A. like locusts on the Nile.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A modernist La Jolla pad that’s right on the ocean (pictured above)
  • A perfect ranch in the hills of Santa Ynez
  • A Malibu castle where you can shoot pool poolside

And several more eye-poppers.

This is house porn set on turbo. Get in there quickly, because these places will rent fast.

Happy summering.

Malibu Rental Guide
Palm Springs Rental Guide
Santa Barbara Rental Guide

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