Cave In

By The Editors
November 15, 2013 9:00 am

There are those who say that no Angelenos go camping in winter.

To them we say, precisely. That’s why we’re going.

And we’re going with Heimplanet, makers of fancy geodesic shelters that erect in under two minutes and offer plenty of headroom.

Gemacht in Germany by two sojourning surfers, Heimplanet’s diamond-inspired domes come in one piece. And set-up is as easy as pumping a basketball (as seen in this video).

You’ll either want the Wedge, which comfortably sleeps two –

Or the Cave, which sleeps a family.

The nylon taffeta beams are double-layered, forming a coozie for the air, and they’re divided into chambers that can be blocked off in case one side is compromised.

The vestibule at the entrance can be used for quick, sheltered cooking or extra storage. And the sturdy travel bag doubles as a backpack.

You can grab one online or, for those looking to catch next week’s annual Leonid meteor shower, visit the Kim Sing Trading Company inside the Kim Sing Theater in Chinatown.

Now get out there.


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