August in LA, in 21 Pictures

You took them. We picked out the best of them.

By Reuben Brody

21 of the Best Pics of L.A. in August
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31 August 2016

To call L.A. a superficial town is in and of itself a superficial comment. This town is brimming with soul — assuming you know where to look.

A good place to start: Instagram.

With that in mind, we bring you 21 'Grams, a review of the month that was in our fair city, as told by 21 of our favorite social media-savvy shutterbugs.

Because the Liquid Shark is a welcome addition to the DTLA public art scene

Because rush hour is a dish best served with a pit stop for ice cream

Because these house plants are exceptionally drought-resistant

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Because he's our favorite creep

Because we don’t just fly our freak flag, we wear it

Because sometimes they build you up just to tear you down

Because what a strangely beautiful smogtastic day

Because Here’s Looking at You wins restaurant of summer

Because we tasted the rainbow and it was way better than a bag of Skittles

Because not all morning commutes are created equal

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Because David Hockney knows how to celebrate the National Parks Centennial

Because the Rams are back, baby!

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Because the L.A. River is one of our city's most impressive

Shooting @TheRealGeorgeClinton #live on @MBEkcrw ... #DoinWork #OneNationUnderFunk!! #ParliamentFunkadelic

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Because he’s gonna tear the roof off this sucka

Because our beaches look best in bird's-eye

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Because sometimes we're glad it's so very, very, miserably hot out

Because there is no one like Grace Jones

Because California isn't the only thing on fire

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Because we finally got to dance ourselves clean again

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Because “The most certain and the most ignorant are the most terrifying” –Guillermo del Toro

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Because we could all stand to spend more time with a good book

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