Zero Gravity Storage Rack Is Ready to Change Your Life

Genius new gadget does the heavy lifting for you

August 8, 2016 9:00 am

Empty your desk, ski rack. Box up your personal items, surfboard stands. Your services are no longer needed.

You’re being replaced by the geniuses behind Zero Gravity Racks, who’ve come up with a storage solution that uses air compression technology and smart engineering to make organizing our lives easier.

Three sizes of racks support 29-50 pounds and a range of attachments, making them ideal for seasonal gear and equipment.

The system utilizes a gas strut that compresses air when the rack is lowered; once the safety lock is disengaged the strut decompresses the air and raises your gear without any further effort from the user.


  • Frees up floor space, maximizes ceiling space
  • Does the heavy lifting for you
  • Protects your gear from being knocked over or scratched
  • Safety lock, for safety
  • Looks cool


  • No more using the “My gear’s in storage” excuse for staying home watching TV all weekend. (Right, that’s a pro, too.)

The company has blown past its $15,000 Kickstarter goal, so get in on the early bird pricing while you can ($119 is the base price, surf/snow kits and other add-ons can be had for higher pledges).  

Delivery is slated for January. At which point, sorry, bike stand— we’ll see you on the curb.

Images via Mark Canavarro

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