Using This “Smartglass” Will Earn You Free Credit at Your Favorite Bar

Next round? Put it on the glass.

August 9, 2016 9:00 am

What do we want?!

Free beer, obviously. And we think we’ve finally figured out how to get it.

The method to this madness? A new smartphone app/device called Glassify.

Basically, Glassify works as a drinking loyalty program, with a chip baked into a “smart” glass. Step 1: Order a beer at a bar that utilizes the service. Step 2: Swipe the glass (carefully!) over the phone, which acts like a QR reader and reads your beer.

From there, you’ll receive targeted promotions on your app based on what you’re drinking — and when/how much you’re drinking — which could include happy hour deals and free beers. It also include credits or “bar money” toward drinks, which, should you be the magnanimous type, can be sent to friends.

Another perk: you can add cash to Glassify and use the bar money application to pay for drinks sans wallet. 

Glassify serves as a win-win for the bar and beer companies: as the company’s promo video notes, with the app, “one-beer customers became four-beer customers.” If you’re already a four-beer customer, don’t get any ideas: Glassify caps your imbibing at five drinks per night.

The company just finished up a pilot program in Europe and the U.S., and is working on an official launch date. Which should be soon: the Tel Aviv startup just received $4 million in series A funding.

That’s gonna buy us a lot of rounds.


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