The World’s Most Lavish Bar Crawl Costs $100,000 and Lasts a Month

A 10-city sojourn to famous speakeasies

September 30, 2016 9:00 am

First thing I do when I get to a new city is find the best cocktail bar. It’s usually hidden, near impossible to get into and completely worth it.

Glad someone agrees with me.

VeryFirstTo, in partnership with Hurlingham Travel, just launched The World’s Most Alluring Secret Bars, a round-the-globe bar hop featuring the best hidden cocktail parlors on earth.

It’s a month-long tour that hits up 10 cities (London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York, etc.) and their most famous speakeasies. It also includes some cultural escapades and meet-ups with famous mixologists.

The bars? Among the highlights: Bathtub GinDeath & Company and Employees Only in New York, Evans & Peel Detective Agency and Happiness Forgets in London and Fall From Grace in Melbourne, among several others.

We can speak for the NY, LA and Melbourne stops: your drinks will be unexpected and spectacular. And you should certainly soak up the atmosphere: several of these places are disguised on the outside (behind an umbrella shop, through a hot dog joint, etc.) and all are mightily adorned (we’re gonna give a special nod to the Alien-fueled H.R. Giger Bar in Geneva).

The trip is a whopping, strangely exact  $97,256.33, but it also includes luxury hotel stays (The Four Seasons), business class travel and bar wares from Timothy Oulton’s speakeasy-inspired Hudson line, which might be worth the trip alone (check out that bar cabinet in black Fury leather)

The trip starts in mid-October. Just enough time to prep your liver.


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