A Coffee Roaster “More Selective than Harvard”

And a perfect last-minute holiday gift

By The Editors
December 21, 2015 9:00 am

We know enough to reach into the wine cellar or liquor cabinet and wax philosophic about terroir or single malt.

Yet with coffee, we’re perpetually in the dark.

Whether a quiet Sunday-morning Americano or an after-dinner espresso, the finer tasting notes can be elusive. Doubly so on a harried pre-holiday Monday.

Which is where Craft Coffee comes in. Each month, Craft’s experts blind-taste dozens of beans from artisanal micro-roasters to handpick only the inimitable.

Craft’s monthly tasting box is intensely selective. Of the 50+ tasted, you get three: a yield “more selective than Harvard,” they quip. Any one of these coffees would be prohibitively difficult to come by on their own. Together, the three deliver their own special gestalt.

After a few months, you may fancy yourself something of an expert — so tell ‘em. You can update your preferences to customize your deliveries a la Netflix. Speaking of deliveries: Craft offers one-, three-, six- and 12-month gift plans, with a gift email sent the day of your choosing.

Which also makes Craft a fantastic last-minute Christmas gift.

— Dorian Rolston

Nota bene: Preparation is just as important as the beans themselves. If you’re still grinding with blades or rockin’ a Mr. Coffee, it’s time to update your kitchen.


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