By All Means, Take a Photo of This Meal

August 24, 2015 9:00 am

Maybe you’re the guy who takes photos of his food.

Maybe you’re the guy who hates the guy taking photos of his food.

Here’s a place where y’all can kiss and make up:

Open Circuit Dining, the adventurous new underground dinner series giving the “art of the dinner party” a whole new meaning, limited tickets on sale now.

Think of Open Circuit as graffiti for your palate.

Cheffed by Jacob Demars, a young gun who earned his stripes in kitchens like Elizabeth and Juno, Open Circuit is all about showcasing just how beautiful food can be.

Or as Chef Demars explains, “We want you to take a picture of the food, take it home and hang it on your wall.”

And dude’s got the chops to pull it off.

All in: 12 or more courses (check out past menus here), with playful dishes like a strawberry purée with pop rocks you’ll lick off the plate.

Bursts of bright pink. Blood red. Scorched green. Caviar toppled over apple foam.

While locations are kept hush-hush until a week before, all dinners are BYOB and sell out quickly.

Best reserve your seats today.

And whatever you do, please — no flash.

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