James Bond Film Locations Every 007 Enthusiast Should Visit

From England to India to Switzerland and Japan, here are the franchise's must-see film spots.

April 2, 2018 5:00 am
Scottish actor Sean Connery on the set of You Live Only Twice. (Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)
Scottish actor Sean Connery on the set of You Live Only Twice. (Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)
Corbis via Getty Images

Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, England

You’ll remember Ascot Racecourse from 1985’s A View to Kill, in which Roger Moore’s Bond visits the course to observe Christopher Walken’s Max Zorin at the races in Ascot, England.

You’ll also remember that everyone in that scene is impeccably dressed, and it isn’t just because the cameras were rolling. Fashion is as much as part of the experience as the actual race, and attendees must adhere to the strict dress code that changes based on the season. Any ticket holder may be turned away from they door if they are deemed to be in violation of the code.

Michael Owen (c) rides ‘Calder Prince’ in The Prince’s Countryside Fund Charity Race at Ascot Racecourse on November 24, 2017, in Ascot, England. (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Piz Gloria, Schilthorn Mountain, Switzerland

George Lazenby’s 007 visits this research institute in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but you won’t encounter any ass-kicking Bond girls or firefights when you get there.

In reality, it’s a restaurant and heart-pounding ski spot that takes a little more than 30 minutes by cable car to reach. Experienced skiers can take in the sites from the outside, but for those looking for something tamer, head indoors for the “Bond World” interactive exhibit and the “Swiss Skyline” from, which includes the summits of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, a UNESCO World Heritage view.

Schilthorn mountain in the Bernese Oberland. (Prisma Bildagentur/UIG via Getty Images)
UIG via Getty Images

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

Anyone who saw 1983’s Octopussy can’t forget the scene where Roger Moore’s Bond approaches the island wearing a full-body crocodile suit. You’ll need a boat to visit there today and can see various filming locations once you arrive, including the pond where Bond glimpses Octopussy and the terrace where the two talk.


White Taj Lake Palace, a luxury hotel made of marble, well known as Monsunpalace in the James Bond (EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Himeji Castle, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Tiger Tanaka’s Ninja Training School from 1967’s You Only Live Twice is actually a world-renowned example of classical Japanese architecture at its finest, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site frequented by tourists who come from around the world, and the country, to see it. How many of those visitors are 007 fans, we don’t know, but the inexpensive tickets allow visitors to walk the grounds and explore the castle.

Himeji Castle or Himejijo has the nickname White Heron Castle thanks to its elegant white appearance, is considered to be Japan’s most spectacular. (John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images)
LightRocket via Getty Images

Khao Phing Kan, Thailand

Welcome to James Bond Island.

Roger Moore’s Bond and villain Francisco Scaramanga dueled on Tapu Island’s beach in 1974’s The Man With the Golden Gun, and the spot in Ao Phang-nga National Park on the west coast of Thailand quickly earned the moniker “James Bond Island” shortly thereafter. The island was reportedly a rarely visited indigenous spot before the movie hit theaters, and it’s since become a frequented destination by fans and enthusiasts from around the world. Unfortunately, that’s contributed to pollution of the island and its waters, so be sure to pack it out after you take it in.

(Photo by Peter Bischoff/Getty Images)
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Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

Northern Italy’s elegant Lake Como makes appearances in some of the franchise’s more recent films: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

You can actually stay in the pristine Villa del Balbianello where Daniel Craig’s Bond recovers with Vesper — it’s a hospital in the film — and soak in the magnificent views and history of the land itself. Its hosted a number of prolific scholars, writers and travelers throughout the years, including its last owner, Guido Monzino, who led the first Italian expedition to climb Mount Everest. Add your name to the guest list here.

Aerial view. Ponte della Pietra. Stone Bridge. Nesso. Como Lake. Lombardy. Italy. Europe. (Photo by: Carlo Borlenghi/UIG via Getty Images)
UIG via Getty Images

Blenheim Palace, England, United Kingdom

Blenheim Palace had a starring role in Daniel Craig’s latest Bond film, Spectre. The dazzling 18th-century Baroque architecture easily doubled as the Palazzo Cadenza in Rome, and the hotel’s owner has capitalized on the feature with his own take on the Vesper Martini — a delicious cocktail to sip while working your way through their five-course tasting dinner.

Its cinematic stock isn’t the only reason to visit. Sir Winston Churchill was born at the palace, which is reason enough on its own to stay a night or two, and the historic colleges of Oxford are only a 20-minute drive away.

A 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta TdF is driven past Blenheim Palace at Salon Prive on September 2, 2017, in Woodstock, England. (Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
Jack Taylor

Basilica Cistern, Istanbul, Turkey

Built in the 6th century as the main water reservoir for Istanbul, the Cistern is the perfect place to descend into when Istanbul gets too hot and noisy. Though you can’t mimic Sean Connery in From Russia With Love — tourists are no longer allowed to paddle in the water, and there are no Soviet consulates we know of to spy on beneath the Stoa Basilica — you can soak in the 336 marble columns and stunning ancient architecture during your visit.

Make sure to arrive early, while the rest of the tourists are still eating breakfast. It’s your best chance to take in the majesty, quiet and uninterrupted.

View of the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul on December 20, 2012, at the Sultanahmet district in Turkey. (Victor Fraile/Corbis via Getty Images)
Corbis via Getty Images

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