This Little Glass Cabin Cuts Corners in the Best Way Possible

It's bigger inside than out. We blame witchcraft.

August 19, 2016 9:00 am

Paris has the Eiffel Tower. New York has the Statue of Liberty. The Netherlands have this cute tiny glass cabin as their National Treasure.

All is as it should be.

2by4-architects created the 215 square-foot cabin lakeside in Breukelen, Netherlands, on the site of an older building. Local codes dictated that the new structure be the same size, but they put on their think-hard-ing caps and managed to do a ton with the diminutive space.

She’s sitting lakeside, so naturally you’re gonna need water access and views. The obvious solution, as 2-by-4 saw it? Make the walls moveable. To that end, one of the lake-facing corners completely disappears, making the deck and cabin one contiguous indoor-outdoor space. And yes, that’s a fireplace, for coziness year-round.

Not gonna lie, we have major cabin envy for this design. Luckily, the firm plans to recreate the glory with a pre-fab version to sell internationally. No word on the progress there, but we’ll keep you in the loop, trust.

See more views below.

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