Mancave Hunting at the Most Prestigious Furniture Show in the US of A

Ten handsome accoutrements that say “That man has good taste”

Today is the last day of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the biggest, most important furniture show in the country. Imagine a fashion show, except instead of models dressed up like David Bowie, you have bar carts and $15,000 sofas.

It’s a good time.

The show’s best pieces have made their way onto Instagram feeds and will hit retail showrooms almost immediately. Consider these 12 pieces your #furnituregoals for 2016.

Lawn Chairs by AMLgMATD
The best of 1970s patio design is given an update by Miami Beach duo AMLgMATD. Pick up a set. Matching discouraged.

Pendant Lights by IN.SEK
From IN.SEK, the Dunes lights somehow make concrete feel thoroughly organic. Pair with wood rafters and a table that looks like it could host a Game of Thrones feast.

Home Bar by Wüd Furniture Design
The Gotham Bar Cabinet destroys the bar cart. From Brooklyn’s Wüd Furniture Design, this piece is simple but stirring.

Patio Furniture by Bend
Monochrome outdoor seating from L.A.’s Bend. Throw some colorful pillows on ‘em for comfort and a splash of color and you’re set.

Abacus by Jeff Goodman
A grandiose, “Where’d you get that?” centerpiece for any large hosting room, Jeff Goodman Studio’s blown-glass Abacus makes for a room divider worthy of a Mad Men set.

Chandelier by Studio Drift
If you need a lighting piece to make a statement, Studio Drift’s rigorously constructed installation of Dandelights — with actual dandelion seeds connected to the power source — should do the trick.

Chair by Alex Bergholm
A throne (or office chair) for 2016 from L.A.-based Axel Bergholm. Says the designer: “A lot of people nowadays work and relax in a lot of different unorthodox seated positions … Peek is 32 inches wide and deep to accommodate movement and flexibility.”

Bench by Hollis and Morris
A commanding low bench for sitting or stacking, shown here in walnut.

Chandelier by Stickbulb
A chandelier without the frou frou from NYC lighting concern Stickbulb. You’re gonna need a large space for this one; it’s nine feet by nine feet.

Vanity by Furniture Guild
A sink saved from delicacy by hardware, hardwoods and copious right angles. Just one of a number of handsome, multi-material bathroom consoles Furniture Guild featured at the expo.

Main image via ICFF

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