Earthquake Survival Bed or Claustrophobe’s Nightmare?

Beats being crushed by a mountain of rubble, we suppose

By The Editors
December 21, 2015 9:00 am

Would you rather:

Die in an earthquake, or be stuck in a queen-sized steel chamber with your significant other for a week or two?

That’s the question posed by Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi’s prototype for an earthquake-proof bed, a mechanism he originally secured patents for in 2010 and has been developing since. A recently released video hints at the primary features: basically, you’re looking at a collection of lofted, canopied steel bedframes that transform into an unbreachable steel crate if triggered by an earthquake, trapping inhabitants inside with enough water, food, oxygen and medical supplies to survive for a fortnight or thereabouts.

Anti-EarthQuake Bed2:00

The glaring lack of a toilet and smartphone charger are alarming (How else will one alert all his Tinder matches that yes, he survived, but no, he probably won’t be able to do Thursday?), as is the possibility of having a stray appendage lopped off by a steel trapdoor.

No word on actual production yet, so keep your go bags close for the time being.

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