By Ariel Scotti / March 21, 2019

Chiefs Considered Trading Tyreek Hill During Free Agency: Report

Hill is currently under investigation for child battery.

tyreek hill
Tyreek Hill may have been on the Kansas City Chiefs' chopping block this past offseason. (Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

Even before reports that an investigation into allegations of child battery made against Tyreek Hill broke, the Kansas City Chiefs were allegedly floating the wide receiver’s name amid NFL free agency.

That’s a report from The Athletic‘s Jay Glazer,  who alleges that he heard “rumblings” around the Chief’s front offices that Hill was being mentioned in trade talks earlier this offseason.

Yes, the Chiefs were known to be in contact with Hill about a contract extension around this same time, but, as NBC Sports speculated, if those negotiations weren’t going smoothly the team might have “taken the temperature of others to see what Hill’s value would be.” And then the potentially suspension-inducing legal news came.

For now, the U.S. legal system and the NFL’s own internal investigation is taking center stage, but it’s worth noting that Hill’s future in Kansas City might not have been as secure as some imagined — and it might still find itself on far shakier grounds.