Sex & Dating | March 12, 2020 11:29 am

Sex Parties Are Still Happening Despite Coronavirus

An orgy for the end times

sex parties
The orgies must go on.

In case you haven’t heard, coronavirus is ravaging the planet and everything is canceled. Except the sex parties.

According to the New York Post, high-end sex party promoters Snctm have no plans to cancel an orgy in Los Angeles this weekend, and are also going ahead with another event set to go down in Manhattan next month.

“Snctm events are going on as planned,” the organizers told the Post, adding that the company plans to keep extra soap and sanitizer on hand in addition to screening guests and “going through the appropriate measures to sanitize the venues,” which one might hope would be happening regardless of coronavirus concerns.

“The company takes all of this very seriously, for the safety of those attending,” the rep said, noting that refunds will be granted to those who decided not to attend, “no questions asked.”

In an increasingly terrifying time when people are being advised to minimize all social contact and massive organizations like the NBA are simply shutting down,  it may seem surprising and even glaringly ill-advised for the sex parties, of all things, to go on. After all, if having sex at all is already risky in these coronavirus-ridden times, it stands to reason that having sex with multiple people in a public setting probably isn’t a great idea either.

Viral disease expert Dr. Muhammad Munir confirmed as much to the Guardian, explaining that while coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease, the chance of someone contracting the virus from another infected person during sex “is almost 100 percent,” due, naturally, to the “very close” physical contact involved.

Then again, these are end times, and if life as we know it seems increasingly likely to collapse at the feet of a global pandemic, the sex parties might as well go on. In these troubled times, we might as well keep on fucking till the world ends.

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