In Terrible Rant, Conservative Radio Host Compares Use of “Boomer” to the N-word

Not surprisingly, social media had a strong reaction

OK boomer
By Kirk Miller / November 6, 2019 6:30 am

“Ok boomer.”

The New York Times recently tagged this Gen-Z meme as “the end of friendly generational relations.” And it turns out the older generations are having real issues with the boomer backtalk (you could say they’re being “triggered.”)

Conservative radio host Bob Lonsberry tweeted on Monday that using the phrase “boomer” was a form of bigotry, calling it “the n-word of ageism.” The tweet was later deleted.

Obviously, this rant did not go over well with anyone. An array of negative responses on Twitter followed, including an explanation and chastisement from the website

“Ok boomer,” as we explained last month, “refers to the baby boomer generation, is common on social media, where it’s used to mock actual boomers as well as anyone displaying the kind of outdated, oppressive mentalities of which the generation is often criticized of upholding.

In the end, the Washington Post highlighted what might be the best and most succinct response to the whole “ok boomer” debate:

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