Booze | August 26, 2019 12:34 pm

The Team Behind Sam Adams Wants to Put Hard Seltzer on Your Beer Taps

Is "Truly on Tap" the first of a wave of fizzy seltzers on draft?

Truly Hard Seltzer

Your local could soon have one less IPA on tap…and a hard seltzer in its place.

Boston Beer Company (home to Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, Angry Orchard, etc.) just announced the launch of Truly on Tap, a hard seltzer on draft that’s already available nationwide.

Based on the spiked seltzer Truly, the new tap is described as similar to a vodka soda, or “effervescent, clear, finished with a squeeze of fresh fruit” with a relatively low ABV, as Boston Beer CEO Dave Burwick told Brewbound.


The move was possibly inspired by a Harris Poll from last fall that showed 70% off 21- to 31-year old drinkers would choose hard seltzer over other alcoholic beverages when they’re out. As well, the market research firm Nielsen estimates hard seltzer will generate $1 billion in sales by end of the year, with Truly and competitor White Claw making up to 85% of the off-premise sales.

Can’t get enough of this new hard seltzer craze? An entire festival dedicated to the beverage will be held in Denver on September 14th. Dubbed Fizz Fight, the fest will feature over 20 national and regional beverages.

Truly, these are glorious times.

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