The Most Googled Cocktails During Our Coronavirus Quarantine

Which places love Old Fashioneds and the random state where the Grasshopper thrives

frozen Grasshopper
A frozen take on the surprisingly popular Grasshopper cocktail
Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
By Kirk Miller / July 23, 2020 12:11 pm

Keeping us sane (and buzzed) during quarantine? According to Google, it’s an array of Old Fashioneds, margaritas, Manhattans and frozen boozy milkshakes.

That’s the takeaway from a recent breakdown of searched drink recipes by state. The most recent data appears to come from May, so things may have changed since the weather got warmer, states opened up and, um, coronavirus infection got worse. (Excuse me, I need a drink.)

There are some surprises here — not New York claiming the Manhattan (duh), but who knew Montana had a thing for blue rum/vodka tiki drinks (the Blue Hawaii)? Which is ironic, because residents of Hawaii actually preferred Lemon Drop martinis.

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Elsewhere, Minnesota charted its own course with gin-sour-esque Olivetos, three states preferred the frozen, creamy, rum-based Bushwacker and Wisconsin loves the creme de menthe, singling out the Grasshopper.

Note to Missouri: You shouldn’t have to look up how to make a gin and tonic.

The full list can be found here.

Meanwhile, a more summer-focused and larger cocktail survey just arrived via Groupon, which didn’t limit itself to a quarantine time period, but instead looked at Google Trends over the last 10 years and also consulted with mixologists to determine favorite summer drinks by state.

It’s a very different list, where the mojito, Tom Collins, Sea Breeze and even Long Island Iced Tea make appearances, the Old Fashioned and Manhattan are absent and apparently Pennsylvania loves Pimm’s & Lemonade.

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