Arts & Entertainment | October 6, 2020 9:29 am

Bruce Springsteen’s “Letter to You” Documentary Coming to AppleTV+

It shares a release date with Springsteen's new album

"Letter to You" image
The documentary will share a release date with the album.

Readers partial to the music of Bruce Springsteen may recall that the Boss bolstered the release of his album Western Stars with a documentary concert film focusing on the album in question. Some, if not all, of those same readers will also note that Springsteen distributed his concert film Springsteen on Broadway via Netflix.

Take a little from column A and a little from Column B and you have a sense of the ballpark of the latest news regarding Springsteen and concert films. His next album, Letter to You, is due out on October 23. Turns out it won’t be alone: Pitchfork is reporting that a documentary about the making of this album will debut on AppleTV+ on the same day the album sees release.

Thom Zinny, who has directed several Springsteen-related projects over the years, is directing this as well. Based on the film’s trailer, it offers a close-up look at Springsteen and the E Street Band recording the album.

According to Pitchfork’s article, the documentary will also feature archival footage of Springsteen. While it might not be the Springsteen-on-film project that satisfies your craving for live music (or a reasonable approximation thereof), it should offer some insights into the working methods of a consistently great rock band — which is always welcome.

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