Man Mistakenly Stabbed by Friend With Real Knife At Haunted House

Woman who thrust the blade believed it was a prop that was part of the show.

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A visit to a Halloween haunted house in Nashville turned into an actual fright night involving a real knife for a group of friends.

The incident happened after thin man with a skull painted on his face and a straw hat walked up to them. They believed him to be one of the spooky attraction’s actors, so they decided to play along. The thin man asked one of the women if one of her friends was “f-cking around with her,” and she said yes.

“Well, here, stab him,” the thin man said, handing her a knife, according to a police report reviewed by Buzzfeed News. The 29-year-old woman thought the knife was fake, and so she took it and plunged it into her friend’s left arm.

“As she pulled back she realized that there was blood on the knife,” the report states. “There was a hole in the victim’s shirt and blood was squirting from the victim’s left arm.”

Her friend, James Yochim, was taken to a nearby hospital and treated.

The event took place at the annual Nashville Nightmare, an interactive haunted house that has live actors and special effects. The police report states that the group of friends thought the whole interaction with the thin man was part of the show. One of the friends who was with Yochim at the time of the incident, told police that he heard the man who had given their friend a knife say he did not realize the weapon was that sharp.

The company that runs the haunted house, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, said an employee has been identified as being involved in the incident and has been placed on leave. But according to the police report, the suspect in skull makeup has not been identified.

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