When to Look for the Lyrid Meteor Shower

Light show alert.

Lyrid meteor shower lights the sky. (GettyImages)
Lyrid meteor shower lights the sky. (GettyImages)
picture alliance via Getty Image

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Look to the skies. For a heavenly show, you’ll need to do that to see the annual Lyrid meteor shower that will peak early Tuesday, but will be viewable this weekend as well, according to CNN.

This light show will be visible around the world. Late evening hours, wherever you are, between 9 p.m. and midnight may be prime time to see “shooting stars,” aka meteors that burn up in our atmosphere. If you live in a city, you may want to to go a place without so much light to obstruct the view.

The name Lyrid comes from the Lyra constellation, according t0 CNN. Lyrid showers, which date back some 2,700 years, happen at this time of the year when Earth’s orbit crosses paths with that of Comet Thatcher. When the comet loses pieces of itself that fly into the upper atmosphere, a light show results.

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