West Jakarta Faces Toilet Cobra Invasion

At least 18 found, but really, one is one too many

A cobra, otherwise known as something you don't want to see near your toilet.
Dr. Raju Kasambe/Creative Commons

What don’t you want to see when you’re on the toilet? We’d be willing to bet that cobras are pretty high on that list, possibly straying into “nightmare fuel” territory. For a few unlucky residents of West Jakarta, unfortunately, that nightmare became very real on Sunday when over a dozen cobras arrived in residents’ toilets.

The report comes from Asia One via The Jakarta Post. One homeowner decided to use the toilet on Sunday afternoon when he saw something unexpected: a whole lot of snakes. Residents and authorities believe that the cobras got into the residential plumbing via a warehouse that had previously also had a snake infestation problem.

The article notes that this is the time of year when cobra eggs generally hatch, and also that the location seems like a prime one for snake-related activities: “The warehouse is located near an empty plot of land and a cemetery where bamboo trees grow and they suspected that the snakes breed there.”

While this particular cobra situation was resolved within roughly half an hour, one resident quoted in the article mentioned that her neighbors have also seen snakes in their toilets. 

The cobras that were removed over the weekend were taken to the Indonesia Sioux Snake Foundation, said Eko Sumarno, operational head of the West Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency. The snakes get somewhere to live far from the toilets of any unsuspecting humans; that sounds like the best solution for all involved.

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