Watch This Human Battle the Door-Opening Robot Dog

Who will win?

boston dynamics

We all saw it: the video of the dog-like robot, SpotMini, who just casually walked up to a door and opened it for its other robot friend. Boston Dynamics shared the video last week, and now, they have a new video starring the canine contraption. This week, the video shows a human with a hockey stick battling the robot. The human is doing everything in his power to stop the robot from opening the door, including tugging on the machine using its tail, pushing the door closed, and using the hockey stick as a kind of leash. But it is all to no avail: the dogbot wins and gets through the door anyway. According to the video’s description, the robot is doing almost all of this autonomously. Boston Dynamics is a tight-lipped company, but it does describe how a human handler drove the bot up to the door and then commanded it to proceed. The robot is able to correct for everything the human does to try to block it. How the robot is to be used in the future is unclear, but maybe the next video will tell us more. Check out the robot vs. human match below.

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