U.S. Hunter Faces Scottish Backlash After Posting Photo Of Dead “Beautiful” Wild Goat

Larysa Switlyk posted pictures of herself posing with the animal she killed.

Goat on Islay in the Inner Hebrides.(JOUAN/RIUS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Scotland might change their laws around game hunting after an American hunter attracted fierce criticism for posting photos of herself posing with a dead wild goat and other animals killed on Islay in the Inner Hebrides.

“Beautiful wild goat here on the Island of Islay in Scotland,” Larysa Switlyk, a Florida-born hunter who hosts a show on Canada’s Wild TV, wrote on Instagram as the caption to a photo of her posing with its corpse.

The caption also says, “Such a fun hunt!! They live on the edge of the cliffs of the island and know how to hide well. We hunted hard for a big one for 2 days and finally got on this group. Made a perfect 200 yard shot.”

The hunter also posted photos of another goat, a ram and a red stag killed during the hunting trip in Scotland. These photos sparked outrage online, along with calls to limit trophy hunting in the Hebrides.

Judy Murray, mother of the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray, called the hunt “disgraceful” and urged the government to stop allowing hunts like this to happen.

Michael Russel, a member of the Scottish Parliament for Argyll and Bute, which includes the island Switlyk was hunting on, said that he would raise the hunt with the government as “a matter of urgency.”

And Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the government will “review the current situation and consider what changes to the law are required.”

For her part, Switlyk might not know what’s happening in Scotland right now, as she posted on Instagram that she was “headed out on a bush plane for my next hunting adventure and will be out of service for 2 weeks,” and that hopefully that will “give enough time for all the ignorant people out there sending me death threats to get educated on hunting and conservation.”

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