Watch Trump vs. Nixon vs. JFK in a Presidential Debate for the Ages

The Kennedy-Nixon debate just got Trumped

September 30, 2016 9:00 am

On Monday night, 56 years to the day after John Kennedy and Richard Nixon squared off in the first ever televised presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in what many believe to be the biggest showdown since. 

While it’s up for discussion to who won Monday night’s contest, there’s no doubt that Kennedy’s smooth looks and slick accent paved his way to the presidency.

Question is, how would’ve Kennedy’s on-screen charisma fared with the most volitale political candidates in American history? Someone, say, like The Donald?

We now have an answer, thanks to a video created by the Gregory Brothers that gives us at least some idea of what things could have been like if Trump was onstage with Nixon and Kennedy back in 1960.

Biggest takeaway? Presidential debates have come a long way … or, should we say, they’ve come some kind of way. Let’s just say civilty and decorum will never be Trump’s calling cards. Take a gander at the video below. 

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