Swimsuit Model Dips Pizza in Soy Sauce, Internet is Surprisingly Cool With It

"Does soy sauce belong on pizza?” is the debate we need right now. Thanks Genie Bouchard.

March 29, 2018 4:45 pm
Genie Bouchard (via @geniebouchard on Instagram)
Genie Bouchard (via @geniebouchard on Instagram)

As everyone knows, the primary reason the Internet was created was so people could have a public forum in which to settle food debates.

Thus far, people have used it to argue about pressing issues such as if ketchup belongs on a hot dog and whether a hot dog is a sandwich – and society is all the better for it.

Now, courtesy of two-time SI Swimsuit model and pro tennis player Genie Bouchard, the web got a tasty new culinary conundrum to sink its teeth into: Does soy sauce belong on pizza?

Bouchard cooked up the argument by posting a tweet earlier this week:

Obviously, big soy sauce backed Bouchard’s move in a big way:

The rest of the interwebs … well, they were surprisingly cool (and weird) about it:

After all the crust was settled, Kikkoman’s CEO put his mouth where Bouchard’s tweet was and tried the controversial condiment choice for himself:

And finally got a little pushback …

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