SVA Illustration Students Offer a Glimpse of a Post-Pandemic NYC

Great images and glimmers of hope

Chenmiao Shi's cover
Artist Chenmiao Shi's take on a pandemic-era New Yorker cover.
Chenmiao Shi

Over the years, the cover artwork for The New Yorker has offered a glimpse of how numerous artists have addressed the current state of the city, the nation and the world. Looking back at past covers can be an evocative process, and the ways in which different artists approach the task is revealing in and of itself. (For those looking for an even more detailed look inside this process, Jeet Heer’s excellent book In Love with Art: Françoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman is highly recommended.)

Illustrator Tomer Hanuka recently took to Twitter with a unique spin on the magazine’s aesthetic. Hanuka asked his third-year students at SVA to create cover art for an issue of The New Yorker released after the pandemic. Some, like Zoe Stengal, offered distinctive takes on urban situations.

Jungwoo Lee’s take on the concept focused on a quiet moment of human contact.

And Chenmiao Shi created an illustration centered around olfactory delights.

The whole thread is well worth a look — both for the skill of the work on display and for the sense of hope that these works impart.

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