Obnoxious Office Sayings That Everybody Should Stop Using Right Now

Are any of these 18 examples of office-ese in your work vocabulary?

June 25, 2017 5:00 am
You Need to Stop Using These Obnoxious Office Sayings Right Now
A scene from 'Office Space' (Photo By Getty Images)

If only Office Space had been filmed in 2017, Mike Judge and company would’ve had so many more reprehensible office sayings to lampoon in the movie.

Yes, you’re guilty of using some of the office sayings below—possibly all of them—at one point or another. Moneyish provides a comprehensive list, and RCL has drafted sentences using some of our favorites.

1.) This project is in utter disarray. Someone needs to step up … and fast. If not, the CEO is going to move the goalposts. (“move the goalposts” = “change the criteria”)

2.) Let me put something on your radar: Our sales have cratered and our quarterly earnings report is coming soon, making the task of crafting a message to our shareholders difficult. (“put something on your radar” = “consider something”)

3.) As much as this webinar is the greatest thing I’ve done all day, let’s touch base offline about Search Engine Optimization. (“touch base offline” = “meet in person and talk”)

4.) Man, this content is so evergreen, I can smell its freshness! (“evergreen” = “always relevant”)

5.) Seriously, I just don’t have the bandwidth to take on another client at this point. (“have the bandwidth to” = “don’t have the availability to”)

Take a look at the rest of the list.

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