New Discovery in Mystery of Egyptian Pyramid Construction

Egyptologists came across a ramp that may explain how the pyramids' huge blocks were moved.

Ancient Egyptians may have used a sophisticated ramp and pulley system to aid in pyramid construction. (DeAgostini/Getty Images)

The mystery behind how the great pyramids of Egypt were constructed may have inched closer to solved when Egyptologists stumbled upon a hidden ramp.

The ancient ramp may have been utilized in the moving and lifting of the structures’ enormously heavy bricks, The Guardian reported. It was discovered by archaeologists in a quarry while they were researching inscriptions.

It was already theorized that the Egyptians used ramps to aid in construction of the ancient wonder, but the discovery of the steep ramp helps solidify it.

The unearthed structure was fitted with steps and postholes on either side, suggesting to archaeologists that builders hauled the huge structures upward from both sides while using the posts as a pulley system to expedite the process.

“The system we have discovered would allow more people to exert force at one time, so it means you would be able to exert more force and move the blocks more quickly,” co-director of the project that made the discovery, Dr. Roland Enmarch, told the news site.

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