This MIT-Designed Luxury Hotel Could Be NASA’s Next Space Station

The commercial space station would be connected to a lab to support NASA missions.

July 19, 2017 5:00 am
Space Hotel Could Next ISS
The MIT-designed space hotel could be NASA's next home. (MARINA)

By 2025, the coolest hotel on the planet may not even be this atmosphere.

A group MIT grad students won a competition to design a space station replacement that’s commercially funded to support future NASA missions. The proposed module would be a laboratory for scientists, while the other half acts a luxury space hotel.

The luxury hotel consists of eight expandable rooms, arranged like wheel spokes that connect to a central module. The hotels’ revenue would save NASA $3 billion per year. It could be ready by 2025, according to Quartz.

Guests have to be strapped into the beds at night, but each room will have an unbeatable view. They can also go on a spacewalk, chat with NASA scientists, enjoy the bar or restaurant, or workout in the gym. Quartz reports a two-week stint would rack up a $5 million bill.

The MIT students called their winning idea The Managed, Reconfigurable, In-space Nodal Assembly—or more simply, Marina. “Just like a yacht marina, MARINA can provide all essential services, including safe harbor, reliable power, clean water and air, and efficient logistics and maintenance,” said George Lordos, one of the MIT students on the winning team, in a press release.

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