Michael Wolff Explains What the Media Still Gets Wrong About Trump

The author of "Fire and Fury" says the press still misreports reality.

michael wolff
Author Michael Wolff discusses his controversial book on the Trump administration titled "Fire and Fury." (Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)
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Michael Wolff writes in The Hollywood Report that the mainstream press is still misreporting the reality of what is happening in the White House. He says that the press still reports Trump’s standard operating procedure of conflict, insults, reversals and dismissals with “breathless surprise.”

But the media should no longer be astonished by “the most obvious man on Earth,” Wolff writes. The media reports stories surrounding Trump as if the president merely refuses to conform or doesn’t want to conform. Wolff says that is wrong, and the key point is far more alarming: That Trump cannot confirm.

Wolff suspects that the media acts this way because Trump is the “golden goose.” And when he leaves the White House — which Wolff suspects will be sooner rather than later — the mainstream media, including cable TV, The Times and The Post, will all fall into a depression and their subscription numbers will go down.

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