Drudge Criticizes Fox News Hosts For Joking During Segment On Political Violence

Conservative news guru published a series of tweets from his seldom-used personal account.

matt drudge
D.C. White House Correspondents Dinner Matt Drudge, Publisher Of 'The Drudge Report' Website (Karin Cooper/Getty Images)

Conservative media giant Matt Drudge is mad at a news media outlet— but it isn’t CNN or the New York Times.

In a rare series of tweets published from his seldom-used personal account, Drudge criticized a segment on Fox News’s daytime talk show Outnumbered. The segment that offended the founder of The Drudge Report  focused on how recent violent attacks, including the pipe bombs sent to prominent critics of President Trump and Saturday’s mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, will affect the coming midterm elections.

The Drudge Report, of course, is an influential, right-wing news aggregate site, which is favored by the president. But on Monday, Drudge only had criticism for Fox. Through his tweets, he claimed the hosts of Outnumbered had “laughed and joked their way through a discussion on political impact of terror,” calling the segment “bizarre.”

“Not even 48 hours since blood flowed at synagogue?” he wrote, according to The Post. “Check your soul in the makeup chair!”

On Monday’s show, hosts Melissa Francis, Harris Faulkner, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, better known as Kennedy, were joined by Republican strategist Josh Holmes. They solemnly discussed the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue that left 11 dead and several injured. The conversation then turned to guns and whether places of worship should have armed guards, which is a suggestion Trump made.

But following an earnest monologue by Holmes about unity, Faulkner jokingly asked him, “When are you running exactly?” which prompted laughter. The laughter continued as Campos-Duffy’s family was brought up, and the hosts cracked some jokes.

One of Drudge’s tweets included a screenshot from the show of the hosts each laughing, with the caption “Hysterical!”

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