In Denmark, Feminism Less Favorable Than Wolf Whistles

So a global survey says

In Denmark, feminism isn't popular, per a new poll. (GettyImages)
In Denmark, feminism isn't popular, per a new poll. (GettyImages)
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Make your travel plans accordingly, Ms. Steinem. In a new global survey of attitudes about gender, equal rights and the #MeToo movement, Denmark ranked among the least feminist countries in the developed world, according to a new poll, reports The Guardian.

The survey, conducted by the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project, involved more than 25,000 people in 23 major countries. It found that only one in six Danes would label themselves a feminist. In contrast, in neighboring Sweden, data showed that 46 percent of respondents considered themselves feminists.

Further analysis revealed that two out of five Danes had a negative view of #MeToo. And a third said that wolf whistling at women in the street was okay, a percentage exceeded only by Nigeria. The latter result could take the intention of the uninvited comment into account, according to Rikke Andreassen, professor of communication studies at Roskilde University in Denmark. “We have had a culture where what you can isn’t racist or sexist if you don’t intend it to be,” she told The Guardian.

The findings are surprising, to say the least. Denmark is among the best places to be a woman, notes the publication, with its thin gender pay gap, equal employment rights, universal nursery care and respect for the elderly.

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