Every Single Delta Passenger Just Had the Worst Day Ever

Imagine what it was like for the employees

August 8, 2016 9:00 am

Was it the psychic wrath of disgruntled passenger Vanilla Ice? (See: “Vanilla Ice goes crazy after missing Delta flight.”) 

Was it the hacking alluded to in a seemingly innocuous and not-at-all-foreboding Delta tweet from just a couple days ago? 

Was it, as news reports would have it, just an unfortunate technical failure, which fried the airline’s global check-in system? 

Whatever the cause (and it’s almost definitely #3), Delta spent most of this morning addressing a global inability to move any passengers — meaning that as competitors American and United conducted business as usual, Delta … did not. 

For evidence, take a look at this map: 

Airlines, obviously, prefer that their planes are in the air, versus on the tarmac, awaiting customers who can’t check in. The knock-on effects were, as you’d expect, not great: 

At press time, the airline reported that a solution to the original equipment failure had been resolved — but of course, downstream cancellations and delays will plague Delta, its planes, and its passengers for days. 

If you’re headed on vacation, our thoughts are with you. 

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