Your Carbon Fiber Suitcase Is Ready, Mr. Bond

You won't have trouble throwing this in the overhead bin

By The Editors
August 21, 2017 9:00 am

Need a suitcase to go with your new private jet? Luxury accessories maker Globe Trotter has a suggestion: its new, limited-edition, carbon-fiber suitcase.

This year mark’s the brand’s 120th birthday, and to mark the occasion (and soak up the marketing goodwill), they’re debuting a 20-inch Trolley Case in silver carbon fiber (“finished with their signature leather straps with black or burgundy leather corners”). 

This is the first carbon-fiber piece for the brand, so expect it to be both strong and light — the material’s key attributes. Officially, it’s made of Hypetex, which specializes in colored carbon fiber. (We’re thinking the silver isn’t totally maxing out their capabilities.) 

They’re only producing 120, so make your move if you want this collector’s piece. But get your black card out, ’cause it’ll cost you — just over $4,500, to be specific.

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