Everything You Need to Know About the New VW Microbus

Electric powered with autonomous capabilities, VW's modern van will make for relaxing road trips.

Volkswagen will soon release of its revived edition of the classic bus. The modernized version retains the original design’s classic charm and appeal, but luckily, it also includes some 21-century upgrades that will make this the vehicle everyone will want for a modern-day #vanlife summer road trip. The microbus will be electric and there will be several versions available, from a rear-drive, 268-horsepower layout powered by an 83 kilowatt-hour battery pack to an all-wheel-drive, 369 horsepower model with a 111 kWh battery that is able to accelerate to 60 mph in brisk 5.0 seconds, according to Maxim. The vehicle will not be able to go faster than 99 mph, though that’s much better than the original bus’s top speed, which was about 60 mph. The maximum driving range will be 270 miles, which means your road trip will have to include frequent stops at charging stations or in cool cities.

A new partnership with computer graphics technology titan Nvidia means the microbus will have autonomous capabilities. Inside the passenger cabin, the new Microbus will be configurable for multiple set-ups, with the front seats able to fully swivel around to face backwards on autonomous versions. The rear seat will be perfect for napping, with headrests that extend from the rear roof pillar to provide a cushiony pillow.

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