Elvis Superfan’s Plans for a Lego Graceland Closer to Reality

The proposed set includes a mini Elvis, of course, with guitar.

Elvis Presley at Graceland, which may become a Lego set.
Elvis Presley at Graceland, which may become a Lego set.

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If you build it they will come. If you build it out of Legos, they will get “All Shook Up.”

Danish Elvis Presley superfan Jimmi Jakobsen has proposed turning Graceland, the King of Rock n’ Roll’s Memphis home, into an official Lego set, according to the Commercial Appeal.

Jakobsen submitted the idea on the toy company’s website in August and accumulated 100 supporters in 60 days. To move to the next step, the designer must gather 1,000 supporters, and has a year to do that. The official Elvis Presley Twitter account has posted about the Graceland plan to help nudge him past that requirement.

It will take more than that along with a “Burning Love” to get the full greenlight. The project needs to gather 10,000 supporters as well as pass a Lego review board before the plastic home lands on a toy shelf.

Jakobsen’s 3,000-brick Gracleand kit would stand about 10 inches tall, 14 inches wide and 21 inches long.

“I wanted to capture the look of the house. It’s open in the back for better playability,” Jakobsen, who’s never personally visited Elvis’ mansion, he noted on the LEGO site. “The set includes a mini figure of Presley with guitar and microphone … among other things.”

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